ABQ The Magazine Q&A Highlight


Dr. Chelsea Gonazales in Albuquerque the Magazine

In a recent interview with ABQ The Magazine, our own Dr. Chelsea Gonzales offered her professional insight into several aspects of dentistry. From building trust to the importance of oral health, Dr. Gonzales highlights the unique dental experience that she, and Academy Dental Care, strive to provide our patients—ensuring they feel comfortable, informed, and confident about the care they’re receiving!  The interview began with questions about trust in the dental office and how she helps patients overcome bad experiences. In her response, Dr. Gonzales focuses on one thing; the patient. She believes that in order to help patients achieve a … Read More

ABF 2019 Best Places to Work


Academy Dental Care Staff Picture

Employees have spoken and the results are in — Albuquerque Business First reveals 2019’s Best Places to Work and we’re proud to say Academy Dental Care is a finalist! There are two common passions shared amongst the Academy Dental Care team – dental health and our patients. Everyday, we come to work eager to educate each patient on good oral health and are excited to help them achieve a beautiful smile. We love where we work because we love what we do, and it shows in every one of the hundreds of patients we’ve helped smile with confidence! Reports show … Read More

5 Reasons Why Flossing Is Important


Picture of Dental Floss Case

Twice a year you come to Academy Dental Care and visit our dentists for a checkup, cleaning, and likely, a lesson about the importance of flossing your teeth! Maybe you begin to floss for a day or two, but if you’re like most, all that floss talk goes in one ear and out the other. We’re dedicated to care and dental services of the highest quality so that you can live a healthy life, with a healthy smile, and believe flossing is an essential part of this!  Floss is an interdental cleaner and is specifically designed to get into the … Read More

40 Under Forty


Headshot of Dr Chelsea Gonzales

Her expertise, extensive knowledge, and local outreach have deservingly made her a beloved member of our practice and community. Dr. Chelsea Gonzales loves her job, finds it rewarding, and goes above and beyond every day to help every patient achieve a healthy smile. Her achievements in the dental industry along with her caring, honest nature have attributed to the great success of Academy Dental Care its treatments and renowned patient care. Being a praised member in the business community, we are proud to announce on her behalf that Dr. Chelsea Gonzales has been selected as an honoree for this year’s … Read More

Crown Council Award


Group of People Posing with Awards

At Academy Dental Care, we pride ourselves on having a team of doctors and staff members who are dedicated to providing next-level care and high-quality services! It is with great excitement that we announce our very own Dr. Chelsea Gonzales has been recognized for her commitment to providing outstanding care , and has received qualified membership status with the Crown Council! The Crown Council is a prestigious alliance of dentists who have achieved significant success in leadership, continued education, community outreach, and positive team culture within their practices. These dentists are committed to continually improving and through shared experience, insight, … Read More

Causes of Bad Breath


Black and White Photo of Man Covering His Mouth

The mouth’s warm, moist conditions make it the ideal place for the millions of bacteria found in the mouth and on the tongue to multiply. Although grocery store shelves are lined with mints, gum, and mouthwash to fight bad breath, they are only temporary fixes and don’t address the root of the problem – bacteria in the mouth. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, has varying extremities and origins such as the oral hygiene, smoking habits, and health conditions. Most cases originate in the mouth and are improved with proper, consistent dental hygiene but others may be caused by a … Read More

Smiles for Life


Treat Yo' Smile for Charity

Academy Dental Care is partnering with dental practices across the nation and Smiles for Life from March 2019 through June 2019 to whiten teeth for a charitable cause! In an effort to help our community and those in need, you can schedule an appointment with us for a teeth whitening session, and rather than paying for the service, your $100 donation will go directly to the Smiles for Life charity and help raise money for less fortunate children locally and globally! Ultradent donates the supplies, we donate our time, and our patients receive bright new smiles! Participating in community partnerships … Read More

Dr. Chelsea Gonzales’ Interview with OralDNA


Dr. Gonzales and Assistant Working on Dental Patient

Academy Dental Care in Albuquerque has been recognized as one of the most successful practices in diagnosing periodontal disease, and we’ve adopted the most advanced treatment technology to ensure the health of our patients. OralDNA® works to identify, treat, and monitor diseases by using a patient’s saliva for salivary diagnostics. From this, we are able to create a customized plan for treating periodontal patients, gauge the success of their treatments, and revise home care regimens. “Salivary diagnostics enables us to treat the patient’s whole health by tying their periodontal condition to their medical history and treating the specific bacteria that … Read More

Feeling Sleepy? It Might be Sleep Apnea


Woman Yawning

Being tired all the time might be a sign that you need to go to bed earlier—or it could mean there’s a more serious, underlying issue that’s disrupting your sleep, such as sleep apnea. So what is this condition and how can it be treated? We’ve got some answers for you! What is sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a condition when breathing stops repeatedly while you sleep. In most cases, people with sleep apnea don’t wake up when this happens and aren’t even aware that they stopped breathing. People who suffer from sleep apnea not only wake up feeling tired, … Read More

Our 2nd Annual Smiles for Life Campaign


Image of Group with Two Children Holding Big Check for Children's Cancer Fund of New Mexico

Our second annual Smiles for Life campaign was a huge success! We are so grateful to everyone who helped make this donation possible for The Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico, and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We would like to wish a very special congratulations to this amazing young man who only has three weeks left of treatment. Rachelle and Cindy got to spend time with this wonderful family at the Gala this year and couldn’t be happier to have been reunited with them yesterday afternoon! We can’t wait to see what next year brings! … Read More