Enjoy Bad Food & Have Good Teeth


Good oral health vs. bad food—it’s a popular debate, forcing many to choose between healthy, beautiful teeth or enjoying the foods you love, but here at Academy Dental Care, we beg the question: why not both? As Albuquerque’s leading dental practice, you’d probably expect us to err on the side of good oral health—and we do!—but we also know that it’s possible to enjoy foods that have earned a bad reputation without risking your beautiful smile. Allow us to explain! When it comes to dental health, many of the food and drinks we crave have been labeled as “bad”, due … Read More

ABQ The Mag: Dr. Krohnfeldt & Wall


Academy Dental Care and Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico are proud to join forces, offering an increased level of care and service to patients in the Albuquerque area. Detailing their merge in a recent ABQ The Magazine feature, the lead doctors from both practices touched on a variety of important topics, including a shared vision and technology focus, which Dr. Chelsea Gonzales and Dr. Charles Ghallager of Academy Dental Care touched on in their portion of the interview. Highlighting their unique team dynamic, Dr. Shane Krohnfeldt and Dr. Byron Wall of Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico speak of the merger … Read More

ABQ The Mag: Dr. Gonzales & Gallagher


Highlighted in the September issue of Albuquerque The Magazine is the merger of two prominent Albuquerque dental institutions: Academy Dental Care and Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico. The two practices are equally eager as they are honored to offer New Mexicans the very best in general and cosmetic dentistry care. This integration will have a profoundly positive impact on both practices and their patients. Here’s what Dr. Chelsea S. Gonzales, DDS and Charles F. Gallagher, DMD of Academy Dental Care said to ABQ The Magazine about their merge with Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico: “Our practices decided to join forces … Read More

ABQ The Magazine: Overview


Academy Dental Care and Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico, two of Albuquerque’s leading dental practices, have joined together to provide New Mexicans with the very best in every aspect of dental care. Distinct in their practices yet united in their passions, these teams are redefining dental care standards, offering a new, higher level of service and care. Albuquerque The Magazine highlights this merge, detailing many important topics, such as what this merge means for them and for patients, what sets their services apart from others, what patients can expect, and more. The interview with Chelsea S. Gonzales, DDS, Charles F. … Read More

Hispanic Heritage Award Nomination


Academy Dental Care has been nominated by the Hispano Chamber of Commerce for a 2021 Hispanic Heritage Award!  In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, beginning September 15th, the Hispano Chamber of Commerce is hosting a series of Hispanic Heritage Awards, recognizing numerous New Mexican businesses in nine different categories, including Small Business of the Year, New Business of the Year, Women Owned Business of the Year, Health & Wellness Business of the Year, Arts & Culture Organization of the Year, Technology Business of the Year, Immigrant Business of the Year, Non-Profit Organization of the Year, and Native Business of the … Read More

Same-Day Crowns


Woman in Dental Chair Smiling

Your smile has a major effect on you—and depending on its state, the effect can be good or bad. When you’re confident in the health and look of your smile, it shows! You might make a stranger’s day by flashing them a grin or simply radiate positivity throughout your day, but when the state of your smile is negative, its effect is, too. A tooth that’s broken or failing not only diminishes the look of your smile, but its functionality. From pain and discomfort to difficulty chewing, Academy Dental Care recognizes the everyday complications that compromised teeth can present, and … Read More

Dr. Byron Wall Joins Academy Dental Care


At Academy Dental Care, we believe smiles should be equally as beautiful as they are healthy, and have proudly built a reputation that prioritizes both. We’re excited to further build on this reputation and welcome one of Albuquerque’s best cosmetic dentists to our team—Dr. Byron Wall! Dr. Byron Wall is a champion of dental aesthetics, mastering the cosmetic dentistry field for nearly 40 years. After earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Iowa in 1982, Dr. Byron Wall completed his general practice residency at Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Then, in 1983, he began private practice in Albuquerque, … Read More

ABQ The Magazine Q&A Highlight


Dr. Chelsea Gonazales in Albuquerque the Magazine

In a recent interview with ABQ The Magazine, our own Dr. Chelsea Gonzales offered her professional insight into several aspects of dentistry. From building trust to the importance of oral health, Dr. Gonzales highlights the unique dental experience that she, and Academy Dental Care, strive to provide our patients—ensuring they feel comfortable, informed, and confident about the care they’re receiving!  The interview began with questions about trust in the dental office and how she helps patients overcome bad experiences. In her response, Dr. Gonzales focuses on one thing; the patient. She believes that in order to help patients achieve a … Read More

ABF 2019 Best Places to Work


Academy Dental Care Staff Picture

Employees have spoken and the results are in — Albuquerque Business First reveals 2019’s Best Places to Work and we’re proud to say Academy Dental Care is a finalist! There are two common passions shared amongst the Academy Dental Care team – dental health and our patients. Everyday, we come to work eager to educate each patient on good oral health and are excited to help them achieve a beautiful smile. We love where we work because we love what we do, and it shows in every one of the hundreds of patients we’ve helped smile with confidence! Reports show … Read More

5 Reasons Why Flossing Is Important


Picture of Dental Floss Case

Twice a year you come to Academy Dental Care and visit our dentists for a checkup, cleaning, and likely, a lesson about the importance of flossing your teeth! Maybe you begin to floss for a day or two, but if you’re like most, all that floss talk goes in one ear and out the other. We’re dedicated to care and dental services of the highest quality so that you can live a healthy life, with a healthy smile, and believe flossing is an essential part of this!  Floss is an interdental cleaner and is specifically designed to get into the … Read More