ABQ The Magazine Q&A Highlight


Dr. Chelsea Gonazales in Albuquerque the Magazine

In a recent interview with ABQ The Magazine, our own Dr. Chelsea Gonzales offered her professional insight into several aspects of dentistry. From building trust to the importance of oral health, Dr. Gonzales highlights the unique dental experience that she, and Academy Dental Care, strive to provide our patients—ensuring they feel comfortable, informed, and confident about the care they’re receiving! 

The interview began with questions about trust in the dental office and how she helps patients overcome bad experiences. In her response, Dr. Gonzales focuses on one thing; the patient. She believes that in order to help patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile, she must first get to know them. During the first visit of every one of her patients, she has a conversation with them about their needs, wants, and budget. This not only helps her understand their individual goals for oral health, but also helps the patient build a relationship with their provider, and in turn, establish a sense of trust. 

Dr. Gonzales was then asked about healthcare wait times and why it’s hard to fit dentistry into life. She acknowledges that finding the time to take care of your smile can be tough, and that when you do, your time is precious! However, she says that she, and Academy Dental Care, believe that by first taking care of yourself and dental health, you then can take better care of others! Dr. Gonzales informs ABQ The Magazine that our team’s number one priority is our patients, and in order to better serve them, our team is able to assume different roles as needed so that our patients are seen on or ahead of schedule. 

Overall, the interview results in five reasons why you should choose Academy Dental Care and Dr. Chelasea Gonzales as your dental provider: 

  1. We take the time to get to know you and your dental health, needs, and goals. 
  2. We provide positive dental experiences. 
  3. We offer techniques and education to continue your dental care at home.
  4. We work with your budget and offer flexible payment options.
  5. We provide knowledgeable insight and offer the latest, most advanced treatments and technology. 

If you’re ready to change your perspective on visiting the dentist, we invite you to visit us at Academy Dental Care—where YOU are always at the center of YOUR care!  

Be sure to check out the full interview with Dr. Chelsea Gonzales by grabbing a copy of ABQ The Magazine!