Same-Day Crowns


Woman in Dental Chair Smiling

Your smile has a major effect on you—and depending on its state, the effect can be good or bad. When you’re confident in the health and look of your smile, it shows! You might make a stranger’s day by flashing them a grin or simply radiate positivity throughout your day, but when the state of your smile is negative, its effect is, too.

A tooth that’s broken or failing not only diminishes the look of your smile, but its functionality. From pain and discomfort to difficulty chewing, Academy Dental Care recognizes the everyday complications that compromised teeth can present, and is proud to offer a quick, effective solution to restore them—same-day dental crowns!

It’s just one of the many ways our team continues to lead the Albuquerque dental industry, combining innovative care with cutting-edge technology to produce quick, quality results. Here’s the gist: Our patients can be examined, fitted for, and receive restorative dental crowns—all in a single day. Consolidating multiple appointments and processes into our centrally-located office, we make it easy to improve your smile and the effect it has on you!

Here’s how it works:

Exam & Prep
The first step to getting a same-day crown is to make sure you actually need one! To determine this, our dentists will perform a full examination of your mouth, taking your symptoms and concerns into consideration in order to determine the best course of action. This part of the process normally takes place in the earlier part of the day, and upon the dentist’s approval, your tooth will be cleaned, prepped, and rid of any decay.

Tooth Image & Fabrication
To create a crown that perfectly fits your tooth, our dentists will use computer-aided design and manufacturing to capture a digital image of the affected tooth and jaw. Using specialized software, this image will then be used to fabricate the crown—and it all happens right here in our office!

Crown Finalization
Before permanently attaching the crown, we’ll first ensure it fits correctly and make any adjustments necessary to ensure a comfortable, functional fit. Then, we will adhere it to the top of the tooth, polish it, and voilà—you’re done!

Avoid a procedure that can take weeks to complete, and instead, walk in and out of our office in a single day when you choose Academy Dental Care for same-day crowns in Albuquerque! Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment.