Floss Like a Boss


How to Floss Like a Boss

When it comes to all the things you have to do during the day, flossing probably isn’t too high on the list. For many people, it falls so far down on the list that it doesn’t get done at all.

It’s not that we don’t know about the benefits of flossing: clean, healthy teeth; less time in the dental chair; and taking care of the investment in your dentistry, just to name a few. It’s not that we can’t do it. It’s not that we don’t have floss available. So then why is it so hard to get into the habit of flossing?

Develop a routine!
Maybe you have trouble standing still long enough to floss (after all, it isn’t the most interesting task), or maybe by the time you’re getting ready for bed you’re too tired to bother.

Remember that flossing doesn’t have to be done right before bed, as long as you do it once a day! And if you find it boring, floss while doing something else. Get in the habit of flossing while you watch TV. Keep some floss picks in your desk at work and floss while you’re catching up on emails. Or, floss while in the morning when you’re already getting ready for your day.

Pick the right floss for you
Is it possible that you don’t floss because it’s too hard?

Maybe you’re using the wrong kind of floss. For example, if you have arthritis or other joint problems, it may be too hard for you to grab and maneuver that little piece of string, or maybe it hurts your hands to even try.

There are so many different kinds of floss, so don’t get stuck using a type of floss you don’t like. Try a thicker kind of floss, a floss pick, or even a Waterpik, which can be easier to hold and just as effective.

What’s keeping you from flossing? Whatever it is, if you’ve fallen out of the flossing habit, try to pick it back up. You don’t have to beat yourself over missing a day and then give up completely. If you didn’t floss today, there is always tomorrow!

At Academy Dental Care, we want to help you to have clean teeth and healthy gums, and one of the most important ways to maintain your oral health is through flossing! Don’t give up, and remember to schedule an appointment with your dentist at least twice a year!