Root Canals

Root canals become necessary when the pulp, often known as the soft tissue inside the tooth, either becomes infected or inflamed due to severe tooth decay. A root canal procedure involves removing the infected or inflamed pulp through the use of special instruments, cleaning the inside of the canal and nerve chamber, and then finishing by filling and sealing the tooth with a rubbery substance that is made to prevent any fluids or bacteria from reinfecting the tooth. Many times after root canal therapy, the tooth may become severely weakened and a crown may be recommended to ensure your tooth stays healthy and strong for many years to come!

At Academy Dental Care, we always strive to ensure your fears about dental procedures such as root canals are finally put to rest. By educating you about the procedure beforehand and keeping you informed throughout the whole process, our hope is to help you feel more calm and comfortable about root canal therapy! A root canal procedure won’t be causing you pain, it’ll be relieving it! With modern technology and our experienced doctors, getting a root canal is quick and painless!

Example of How a Root Canal Works

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