Dr. Shane Krohnfeldt’s Crown Council Achievement


The Crown Council is a community of the industry’s most elite dental professionals, providing resources
to achieve and maintain a Culture of Success™ within every area of a member’s practice and life.
It’s a prestigious mark of distinction, signifying a constant striving for better—a philosophy that Academy
Dental Care & Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico are proud to reflect through our very own Shane
Krohnfeldt, DDS

Crown Council-Qualified
Dr. Krohnfeldt recently achieved his first qualification with the Crown Council, and we couldn’t be more
proud! This is the first accomplishment of the Crown Council Qualified Program, which provides a yearly
action plan and resources that keep dental practices focused on four priorities: the person, the
professional, the practice, and the patient, as well as two processes: the process of community support
and continual improvement.

Creating a Culture of Success™
For 28 years, The Crown Council has provided members with a step-by-step program, showing them not
only how to achieve success, but supporting them in doing it. Their guiding motto is backed by seven key areas of focus, each a timeless principle that leads to creating and sustaining a Culture of Success™.

  1. Belonging
  2. Learning
  3. Communication
  4. Recognition
  5. Doing Good
  6. Preparation
  7. Team Experiences

In practicing the above, the Crown Council ultimately aims to improve every aspect of a dental
professional, including practice growth, greater profitability, increased careers satisfaction, heightened
community awareness, and strengthened members & unity.

The Best Care, From the Best Dentists
Academy Dental Care & Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico believes that the better we are at what we do, the more our patients can benefit from what we do—and that is the greatest achievement of all! With Dr. Krohnfeldt and other team members being Crown Council-Qualified, we’re proud to offer our patients an elite level of dental care, and one that reflects the excellence we’ve achieved.